DEMETO Project Kick-Off Meeting

The kick-off meeting of the project DEMETO (dem3to - Modular, scalable and high-performance DE-polymerization by MicrowavE TechnolOgy) was planned to be held on September 28th, at European Plastic Converters in Bruxelles.

Beside being the first internal meeting for the project, it was conceived as a public event, also accessible live, via web.

Here is the list of highligts to be discussed:

  • Increasing global importance of PET/Polyester inevitably raises concerns about the future sustainability of its market
  • Today PET/Polyester is reused and not recycled, in fact useless disposal is only delayed through current technologies but not avoided and after 1-3 cycles of re-use, even this path leads to landfill or combustion
  • DEMETO is a new industrial process which allows for the first time to recycle chemically PET bottles, food containers and even textiles in a highly profitable and environmentally sustainable way
  • During the event we will go through all the main features of DEMETO from its technological foundation, to its economical aspects and to its contribution for the circularity of PET/Polyester


  • Alexandre Dangis - EuPC Managing Director
  • Bernard Merkx - Waste Free Oceans Founder
  • Wim Hoederdaal - Indorama Director
  • Maurizio Crippa - gr3n CEO
  • Matteo Bertelé - gr3n CFO
  • Franco Cavadini - Synesis CTO
  • Federico Brugnoli - SPIN360 CEO

dem3to is a EC HORIZON2020 Project Co-Funded by the European Commission

  • Grant agreement: 768573
  • Call identifier: H2020 – SPIRE-09-2017
  • Project Start Date: 1 st of September 2017

Additional information:

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