Distributed Control Applications: Guidelines, Design Patterns, and Application Examples with the IEC 61499

a book by Alois Zoitl, Thomas Strasser

Edited by CRC Press - 2017


This book discusses the IEC 61499 reference architecture for distributed and reconfigurable control and its adoption by industry. The book provides design patterns, application guidelines, and rules for designing distributed control applications based on the IEC 61499 reference model. Moreover, examples from various industrial domains and laboratory environments are introduced and explored.


  • Offers a global overview of IEC 61499 application domains
  • Aids in implementing current automation solutions
  • Presents IEC 61499-compliant design guidelines and patterns for applications and software libraries
  • Contains chapters authored by subject-matter experts from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Finland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, China, Canada, New Zealand, and the US
  • Includes distributed control examples from different industrial fields and laboratories

Table of Contents

The book is organized in chapters, each edited by different authors:

1 Challenges and Demands for Distributed Automation in Industrial Environments

Thomas Strasser and Alois Zoitl


2 Basic Principles of IEC 61499 Reference Model

Thomas Strasser and Alois Zoitl


3 Design Patterns, Frameworks, and Methodologies

James H. Christensen


4 Applying IEC 61499 Design Paradigms: Object-Oriented Programming, Component-Based Design, and Service-Oriented Architecture

Wenbin Dai, Valeriy Vyatkin, and James H. Christensen


5 New Design Patterns for Time-Predictable Execution o Function Blocks

Matthew M. Y. Kuo and Partha S. Roop


6 Automatic Reengineering of IEC 61131-Based Control Applications into IEC 61499

Monika Wenger, Alois Zoitl, and Georg Schitter


7 Unit Test Framework for IEC 61499 Function Blocks

Reinhard Hametner, Ingo Hegny, and Alois Zoitl


8 Verifying IEC 61499 Applications

Petr Kadera and Pavel Vrba


9 Fault-Tolerant IEC 61499 Applications

Mario de Sousa


10 Developing IEC 61499 Communication Service Interface Function Blocks in Distributed Control and Automation Applications

Georgios Sfiris and George Hassapis


11 Adapted Design Methodology to IEC 61499 for Distributed Control Applications of Machine Tools

Carlos Catalán, Alfonso Blesa, Félix Serna, and José Manuel Colom


12 Flexible and Reusable Industrial Control Application

Gernot Kollegger and Arnold Kopitar


13 Building Automation Simply Done

Gernot Kollegger and Arnold Kopitar


14 Control Software for Cutting Glass Machine Tool Built Using COSME Platform: Case Study

Félix Serna, Carlos Catalán, Alfonso Blesa, José Manuel Colom, and Josep Maria Rams


15 Distributed Intelligent Sensing and Control for Manufacturing Automation

Robert W. Brennan


16 Model-Driven Design of Cardiac Pacemaker Using IEC 61499 Function Blocks

Yu Zhao and Partha S. Roop


17 Smart Grid Application through Economic Dispatch Using IEC 61499

Srikrishnan Jagannathan and Peter Idowu


18 Workspace Sharing Assembly Robots: Applying IEC 61499

Matthias Plasch, Gerhard Ebenhofer, Michael Hofmann, Martijn Rooker, Sharath Chandra Akkaladevi, and Andreas Pichler


19 Hierarchically Structured Control Application for Pick and Place Station

Monika Wenger, Milan Vathoopan, Alois Zoitl, and Herbert Prähofer


20 Toward Batch Process Domain with IEC 61499

Wilfried Lepuschitz and Alois Zoitl


21 Smart Grid Laboratory Automation Approach Using IEC 61499

Filip Andrén, Georg Lauss, Roland Bründlinger, Philipp Svec, Christian Seitl, and Thomas Strasser

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