The Network in a nutshell

The European Competence Network (ECN) for IEC 61499 is an European initiative to foster the large-scale adoption of this international Standard as the reference for distributed real-time automation systems.

The ECN for IEC 61499 is being currently created and launched by the joint effort of a small group of European Technology Transfer stakeholders - research institutions, universities, competence centres, etc. - that agreed to closely cooperate for raising awareness and sharing knowledge about the R&D, technology and industrial application of the IEC 61499 Standard.

Gathering the momentum of the “Digitizing Industry” European initiatives – focused on both the creation of Digital Innovation Hubs, Competence Centres and on supporting the on-going transition to Industry 4.0 – the ECN represents a concrete solution to bridge the gap between the supply of technologies and the market demands and needs for distributed automation, by focusin on the application of the interoperable solutions proposed by the IEC 61499, whichever the industrial sector.

Creating and acting as a live Community, the Network is essentially an aggregator of competence centres and stakeholders – from institutional and industrial sectors – that are interested to the real-work technological applications of IEC-61499.
Each member of the Network is constantly involved in feeding the community of contents, documents and guidelines related to the IEC61499 as much as in providing dedicated technology transfer services, to keep the community active, ready, and open to the entrance of others members.