Become a member of the Technology Group

The ECN Technology Group for IEC-61499 is going to be the nexus of activities for the international Community of practitioners of technologies adopting and implementing the standard. Conceived to be a live and continuously evolving environment to improve the global know-how on IEC-61499, it will be open to all potential users and providers of solutions based or interfacing to the standard.

Members subscribing to the Technology Group, small, medium and large enterprise as much as universities and research centres, will be able to exploit the TG-dedicated contents of the ECN Portal to enter in contact with the other participants and the Competence Centres, accessing to privileged and quick channels of communication, while being always updated about guidelines and innovation related to the application of technologies based on IEC-61499.

The ECN Technology Group will officially launch in Fall 2018, but stakeholders willing to stay update on its development may proceed with
a pre-registration here.

Following an initial period of preparation, they will get access to technology development and implementation support as well as their own private space in the web portal.

  • The members-only section of the ECN web-portal will provide further specifications, implementation guidelines, the IEC61499 Knowledge Base and other up-to-date information regarding the technology.
  • The ECN Technology Group will have access to dedicated training material and support services from the IEC-61499 Competence Centres.
  • Group members will get preferred access to specification drafts, white papers, proceedings of ECN events, etc.
  • Companies members of the Technology Group will have a webpage entirely dedicated to their companies sponsoring services and activities increasing their network

Pre-registration is free of charge, so do not hesitate!