IEC 61499 demonstrators



The concept of CPS was born as associated to devices and, as such, it is the basic element of the composition app roach of decentralized automation proposed by Daedalus through its IEC-61499 technologies. This showcase of the project is therefore focused in involving two stakeholders of this category of future users of the platform, representing the extreme of the spectrum: on one hand, manager of the showcase, QBrobotics, a highly innovative SME, specialised in the commercialization of complex manipulating and actuating devices for advanced applications; on the other hand, Schunk, a worldwide leader in clamping technologies and gripping systems.

QBRobotics will manage the integration activities of the test-bed, where a deeper fusion between complex mechatronic and intelligent devices with IEC-61499 control will be demonstrated. The showcase will consider two current products of the company, particularly interesting for the opportunity and need of embedding local intelligence as the CPS paradigm suggest: qbhand, a simple, robust and effective robotic hand with 19 anthropomorphic DOFs, based on dislocatable, self-healing finger joints; and qbmove, an innovative variable stiffness actuator with custom-made gearbox and electronics to allow precise movements, communication speed and connection in a daisy chain mechanism. Both these devices are conceived to provide complex dynamic functionalities during their usage, embedding local elaboration to mask internal complexity and guarantee ease of integration in several types of application.

At the other side of the spectrum, Schunk example will show how existing advanced devices can be easily integrated into an IEC-61499 network of CPS without incredibly limited effort, thanks to Daedalus technologies. The application will be centred around one of the hot topic of future shop floor: human-robot collaboration in coordinated manufacturing tasks, through multi-DOF manipulators.


Ease of programming and integration of the qbrobotics system in a production line.

Fast and precise motion control of a system of qbmoves and qbhands.

Allowing customers to use existing (also already owned) devices within the IEC-61499 framework in a shorter time horizon.


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