IEC 61499 demonstrators

Intelligent Handling: Picking islands for Packages Handling in Logistics


This showcase considers a logistic Distribution Centre (DC) in the food retail industry, typically characterised by high volume of goods, fast-processes, massive picking activity. In such DCs the core process is the preparation of multi-products pallets starting from mono-product pallets.

Usually this is a manual process managed by operators, while Daedalus testbed will consider a scenario with intensive-automated handling of the processes in the DC. In particular, preparation occurs via automated picking islands, where operators and automated devices cooperate. The basic concept in a picking island is to take packages from mono-product pallets (i.e. formed by packages equal to each other), and prepare multi-products pallets.

The operators and the machines in the picking islands are able to pick packages, of various nature, shape, size and weight, from the mono-product pallets and to position them on the multi-products pallets. Pallets are moved in the systems via automatic vehicles and all the process is managed by an intelligent control system for CPS. The information about which items to pick, its position on the produced pallet, the working sequences, the pallets composition, and which stores to serve in a certain time, are provided by multiple synchronized optimizers at ERP level, cooperating with the automation devices. All the mentioned elements strongly impact on the productivity.


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