IEC 61499 demonstrators

De-manufacturitimal MES for reconfigurable plants based on distributed automationng pilot plant: op


ITIA-CNR "De-Manufacturing Factory" is a pilot plant for the integrated End-Of-Life management of mechatronic products by means of modular low cost technological solutions, exploiting optimal human-machine cooperation, capable of processing heterogeneous products with a limited hardware and software reconfiguration effort, while self-adapting to the context variations.

Specifically, the De-Manufacturing Pilot Plant represents a fully automated, modular and reconfigurable solution involving integrated PCB analysis, rework, testing, disassembly, shredding and mechanical separation technologies able to treat efficiently and effectively a large spectrum of populated and unpopulated PCBs.

The De-Manufacturing Pilot plant is structured in three main cells: 1) PCB sorting and disassembly, aimed at automatically identifying different PCBs stored in a warehouse, automatically loading the PCB on the pallet used to move it between the second cell stations. 2) PCB analysis repair and testing cell, aimed at PCB analysis, repair and testing. In particular, Vision Systems and In-Circuit Inspection solutions have been integrated for automatic PCBs components identification and testing. 3) PCB material recycling cell, which represents an intelligent adaptive solution for mechanical materials separation. Multi-stage shredding process, advanced sensors and analysis technologies to provide real-time detection, location and characterization of the different particles according to their composition, shape and appearance have been implemented.


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