IEC 61499 demonstrators

"Factory-in-a-Room": Holistic connection and optimization of a factory through IEC-61499


AIC3 (AIC-Cube) represents a laboratory scale model of a flexible production system that combines additive manufacturing, modular machinery, autonomously guided robotic vehicles, industrial robots (traditional and Baxter-type). Moreover, the production process is tightly integrated with building management system and with the grid energy supply infrastructure, making the laboratory a perfect showcase of integration of the three different automation domains of a full factory.

Overall, the main components of the AIC3 testbed are: robotized discrete manufacturing and logistics (FESTO Prolog Factory); Flexible process technologies integrated into a single process; 3D printers, used to increase adaptability and agility of the production; a robotized automation system including modular reconfigurable manufacturing system with highly distributed automation; SmartGrid automation; equipment for building automation; wireless sensor networks and wireless communication; A Simulation Cloud with powerful simulation engines, such as CIROS 3D simulator and ABB Robotics studio for manufacturing system, and OPAL-RT hardware simulator for SmartGrid modelling.

The laboratory is involved in a number of research projects, including Arrowhead, the largest European project in industrial automation aiming at development and industrial piloting of distributed automation systems based on the Internet of Things technologies.


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