IEC 61499 projects


DEMETO - Modular, scalable, and high-performance DE-polymerization by MicrowavE TechnolOgy

Focus on IEC 61499

One of the major strengths of DEMETO’s approach to de-polymerization is that modularity has been put at the heart of its core concepts: a full-size plant (around an estimated average size of 15.000 kTon/year of production) is indeed envisioned to be composed of groups of multiple reactors, which may then be replicated to match exactly the potential market size of the plant’s end-user.

Overall, the mechatronic approach to the conception of the reaction unit will be complemented by an equally modular approach to its automation: each reactor will be logically managed (in terms of real-time control) as a completely independent system.

Following these requirements, the automation application of the whole Reactive Unit will be then conceived using the innovative concepts of the IEC-61499 standard, allowing fast and easy plug&produce functionalities and guaranteeing that the production rate of the Reactive Unit will be adapted to the exact needs of the plant in that moment, without losing resource and enabling a very flexible production.