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Multi-disciplinArY integrated simulAtion and forecasting tools, empowered by digital continuity and continuous real-world synchronization, towards reduced time to production and optimization


MAYA aims at developing simulation methodologies and multidisciplinary tools for the design, engineering and management of CPS-based (Cyber Physical Systems) Factories, in order to strategically support production-related activities during all the phases of the factory life-cycle, from the integrated design of the product - process - production system, through the optimization of the running factory, till the dismissal/reconfiguration phase. The concurrence and the cross-combination of the Cyber and the Physical dimensions with the Simulation domain is considered as cornerstone in MAYA innovations, to successfully address a new generation of smart factories for future industry responsiveness. MAYA finds complete validation in one of the most competitive, advanced and complex industrial sector in Europe, the automotive (with two use-cases: Volkswagen and FinnPower), where it will accomplish reduced time to production & reduced time to optimization.

MAYA’s concept and motivation have been born within the framework set by the Pathfinder initiative, and represent a concrete first step to empower the vision that is there drafted and consolidated, thanks to the contribution of several academic experts and industrial key-players.


MAYA research and development activities focus on the following three high level objectives:
  1. MAYA for Digital Continuity: MAYA aims to empower the ability to maintain the digital information available all along the factory life-cycle, despite changes in purpose and tools, allowing data to be enriched and used as needed for that specific phase. A key element to reach this aim is the definition of semantic meta-models meant to describe the functional characteristics of a CPS, that are relevant from its design until its integration and coordination in an industrial production environment.
  2. MAYA for the Synchronization of the Digital and Real Factory: MAYA supports the synchronization of digital and real factory creating the infrastructure to support seamless data flow from real to simulated devices. To this aim, MAYA is meant to (i) propose a hardware infrastructure of intelligent middleware to extend legacy systems into the digital world, (ii) define application protocol interfaces for the implementation of cross-tool secured communication drivers capable to provide both raw data streaming and high-level aggregation functions and (iii) develop the architecture to process large data sets.
  3. MAYA for Multidisciplinary integrated simulation and modelling: MAYA aims to empower the effective virtual validation of manufacturing equipment and systems prior to actual manufacturing, thanks to integration of models and simulation results from different domains. The key element to reach this objective is the definition of multi-disciplinary behavioural models for each CPS, encapsulated in the semantic meta-model, capable to provide the different simulation tools with the needed different CPS model.


Main results are: (i) a common semantic data-model for CPS representation to guarantee seamless data integration across the factory life-cycle; (ii) behavioural models for CPS, tied to the meta-data model, to empower integration of multiple data sources and different simulation results towards an integrated multidisciplinary simulation of the factory; (iii) a new communication middleware for empowering the real-time collection and analysis of big data streams to close the loop between real and simulated factory; (iv) a simulation framework to enable effective composition of results for multi-disciplinary simulations integrating CPS-based manufacturing assets in the “simulation loop”.

IEC 61499

The MAYA Communication Layer, one of MAYA results, represents the middleware to communicate with the physical (hardware) part of the CPS; it enables the seamless connection of vendor-specific CPS as well as legacy automation systems to the digital world (CSI and Simulation Tools), where shop floor real-time data will be used to keep synchronized and updated the multi-disciplinary behavioural models of MAYA.

The MAYA Communication Layer is built on top of the IEC-61499 standard and makes of it the main core technology to enable the implementation of industrial grade applications in distributed control scenarios.


Partner Role in the project
Project coordinator, responsible for definition of the overall framework architecture and requirements for MAYA runtime, responsible for the semantic meta-data model development and developer of the behavioural models framework, support to the implementation of simulation framework, responsible of the MAYA runtime implementation and simulation engines integrations.
Responsible for the MAYA simulation framework development and implementation and for the MAYA runtime implementation and the simulation engines integration, support to the definition of the overall framework architecture and of the MAYA runtime requirements, support to the definition of CPS Data Model architecture and of behavioural models framework, support to the MAYA test beds implementation.
Support to the definition of industrial requirements, the CPS Data Model architecture, and the simulation framework, support to high end scenarios implementation
Responsible for the overall reference framework definition, responsible for designing and developing the CPS communication layer and the dig data streams handling, responsible for the implementation of CPS models for the FinnPower demonstration case and support to FinnPower scenario implementation, responsible for the project exploitation.
Responsible for development of the centralized support infrastructure and support to its implementation, and support to the implementation of the simulation framework, support to the definition of the reference framework architecture and of behavioural models framework, support to the FinnPower scenario implementation , responsible for results communication and dissemination.
Responsible for validation scenarios definition and support to the reference framework requirements definition, support to the semantic data model development and simulation engines integration, responsible for the validation process specifications and testing.
Responsible for the SME oriented tools integration and provider of the demo case and for the SME scenario implementation, support to the definition of the reference industrial scenarios, support to the definition of behavioural models framework.
Support to the formalization of communication layer requirements, support to the big data streams handling and in the development activities, support to the CPS and runtime implementation.
Support to the specification of industrial requirements and use cases, responsible for the CPS models implementation and high-end tools integration, provider of the demo case for high-end MAYA tools and responsible for the high-end scenario implementation.
Responsible of the development of MAYA interface with HPC systems, support in the definition of CPS data model architecture requirements and in the big data streams handling, support in the demos activities.
Support to the definition of the MAYA reference framework requirements and architecture, support to the definition of the CPS data model architecture, behavioural models framework, support to the data streams handling activity; support to the implementation of CPS models and communication layer, support to the testing activities of the simulation engines on the validation scenarios; responsible for the transfer of MAYA results to other sectors.


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