FBDK - Function Block Development Kit


<<This software enables you to build and test data types, function block types, adapter types, functions, resource types, device types, network segment types and system configurations according to the IEC 61499 standard.>>

Developed in Java (JDK8)

The FBDK is currently maintained and made freely available by Holobloc, Inc

as described in (2012) The IEC 61499 Function Block Standard: Software Tools and Runtime Platforms: 

This is the original IEC 61499 software tool. It was initially developed as a simple Java applet to draw FBs and FB networks, because its author, a member of the IEC Working Group (currently Working Group 15 of IEC Subcommittee SC65B ­ IEC SC65B/WG15) got tired of drawing them with presentation software.

It evolved as a tool for testing the graphics model and XML file exchange format defined in IEC 61499­2, and concurrently was used in the development of the first IEC 61499 feasibility demonstration by the Holonic Manufacturing Systems (HMS) Consortium.

To guide and coordinate the efforts of the globally distributed HMS Partners developing this feasibility demonstration, a “Feasibility Demonstration Compliance Profile” (FDCP) was developed . This became the model for the IEC 61499­4 Standard for Compliance Profiles, and is continuously updated as necessary to track the requirements of IEC 61499.



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