as described in (2012) The IEC 61499 Function Block Standard: Software Tools and Runtime Platforms: 

Like the FBDK software tool, this runtime platform was developed in the Java language and used for early feasibility testing and demonstration of the IEC 61499 architecture, using embedded Java technology from Imsys Technologies . Subsequently, it was used in a number of research projects with the now obsolescent Netmaster hardware platform.

Now that more economical embedded IEC 61499 runtimes are available, the embedded version of the FBRT is no longer supported. However, the non­embedded version is still available as part of the FBDK software bundle, and continues to be useful for research, teaching and testing, as well as development IEC 61499 library elements and applications based on the Java SE platform.

In addition, an experimental applet­based version of the FBRT is currently in development , and the next release of the FBDK will include the generation of Web pages incorporating this applet. Future FBDK releases will include the generation of FBRT­based apps for the Android platform. Configurability of the Java SE­based FBRT by the 4DIAC­-IDE and nxtSTUDIO tools, as well as by the FBDK, and its interoperability with the FORTE and nxtRT61499F runtime platforms, have been informally tested.

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