Developed ancommercialized by www.nxtcontrol.com

As a product, it is on the market since 2007 with innovative IEC 61499 solutions.

  • It Combines Human-machine interface with Control design in a single component concept
  • It is consistently compliant with IEC 61499 portability requirements, supports XML
  • It counts dozens of installations in building automation, process control, manufacturing and logistics
  • It supports hardware of BECKHOFF, WAGO, SIEMENS, Advantech, Mitsubishi, BOSCH

as described in (2012) The IEC 61499 Function Block Standard: Software Tools and Runtime Platforms: 

This commercially supported IEC 61499 development environment was first introduced at the SPS/IPC/Drives show in Nuremberg in November of 2008 by the Austrian company nxtControl. It is currently at version 1.4 and is used by a number of device and machine vendors from the building automation and manufacturing domains.

An interesting feature is its use of Compound Automation Types (CATs) which include control engineering via IEC 61499; HMI/SCADA visualization including symbols, operating dialogues, etc; interconnection of hardware­specific inputs/outputs; and documentation, as illustrated in Figure 6.

It has been informally tested for exchange of library elements (portability) with the FBDK and 4DIAC­-IDE software tools, and for configurability of the FBRT and FORTE runtime platforms as well as its own nxtRT61499F platform.

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