The launch of Daedalus project and of ECN for IEC61499

For the launch the Horizon2020 European Initiative Daedalus, an international public event has been organised in Milan at La Gare Hotel on 18-19 October. 

Within the context of Daedalus project, conceived to foster the creation of a digital marketplace for distributed industrial automation, the European Competence Network for IEC61499 is the focal aggregation point of the technologies needed to deploy an interoperable platform for CPS.

Developing its program over an agenda of two days, the launch event of the IEC61499 European Competence Centre has been conceived to embrace all representatives of the industrial automation value chain, from platform developers to end-users.

Understanding that the aim of creating a digital marketplace for automation is both a technological and an economic challenge, the launch event has been structured to tackle two main objectives:

  • On the first day, opening a broad discussion with the main European representative of automation technologies, starting a path that will lead to a new revision of the IEC-61499 international standard;
  • On the second day, presenting to the business public, the future complementors of Daedalus ecosystem, the infinite opportunities that the concepts of distributed automation can bring to the manufacturing sectors.


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